Nigel Farage: ‘We Cannot Believe a Word Communist China Says’ About Coronavirus

‘From the very beginning of this problem, they covered up the truth about what was going on’


FARAGE: "Well, Radio Free Asia are suggesting that up to 40,000 people died in Wuhan just looking at the number of crematoriums working, the number of urns that have been seen with processions of people coming to pick them up. Look, I don’t know the truth of this any more than you do. But the one thing I do know absolutely for certain is we cannot believe a word communist China says. From the very beginning of this problem, they covered up the truth about what was going on. The doctor that exposed what was really happening was written off as a mad conspiracy theorist. The West were told, frankly, it was too late, really, when they informed us what was going on. And now we see China using its influence, using its money, we particularly see Huawei, the telecom company, donating face masks, hand gel, donations in some cases, and even the state offering to sell ventilators to countries like Italy that are in serious problems. You know, the country that caused this problem is now trying to present itself to much of the Western world as being its savior and is trying to make a massive, massive power grab.”

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