Lemire: Gov. Cuomo Figured out ‘that Flattery Is the Best Way’ to Get Help from Trump

‘It caught the president’s attention, how successful, how much credit Cuomo is getting for his daily briefings’


LEMIRE: “And let's remember, he is now officially a resident of Florida. He changed that earlier this year. Which also is in part due to helping his electoral challenges — chances. But also because of the mass protests that he faces every time here and his deep unpopularity in his home state. Your introduction nailed it correctly, his relationship with Governor Cuomo has been very hot and cold during this crisis. It has caught the President’s attention, how successful, how much credit Cuomo is getting for his daily briefings. In fact, rhere have been a number of days where the White House task force briefing has delayed its start until Cuomo finishes up. Cuomo, according to our reporting, has figured out, as many do, that flattery is the best way to get to this President. In fact, when he was deeply frustrated with Trump a week or so ago, he did a round of interviews praising him before Trump had even really done anything, hoping that Trump would see the interview and then authorize more assistance and that’s exactly what happened."

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