Fox Medical Contributor Blames Bad Parents, Young People for Spreading Covid-19: ‘Like AOC Says, They Do Protests’

‘They’re gonna force themselves into a position of Martial Law where we’re actually gonna need to quarantine them’


SAPHIER: "Thank you for Dr. Birx for coming out and saying this. And unfortunately, we continue to see these spring breakers just having little for what is going on. You know, not only as a mother of three, but my entire book 'Make America Healthy Again”' I talk about how bad behavior and big government has caused our trillion-dollar health crisis. This is no different. We know that this generation, they like to take it to the streets, as AOC says. They do protests. They feel that they are invincible. Part of this is just being young and not having compassion for those older. But part of that is also their parenting as well. So they are going to force themselves into a position of Martial Law where we are actually going to need to quarantine them. Because if they can’t make good choices for the betterment of our country, then we need to separate them because that’s not right. We are seeing fewer and fewer older people in the hospital right now because people are listening to Dr. Birx and Dr. Fauci, and they are staying in, they are socially distancing. We need our younger generations to step up. I have a spring breaker. He's at home right now. He has been playing soccer with his little brothers. We have been doing board games. That’s because I made him come home. Where are their parents?"

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