Larry Kudlow on Stock Market: ‘Long-Term Investors Should Have a Look at Some Buying Opportunities Here’

‘I’ve always advocated long-term investing’


KUDLOW: "Those are hard things to opine on, and I don't want to suggest great wisdom. Look, this market decline is tough, it's very tough. My own view, right or wrong, better or worse, I've always advocated long-term investing, for myself, my family and for everybody. So as I've said before, and others have said this, Mr. Mnuchin has said this — Warren Buffett has said this, I guess. You know, to me, when you see these big dips, these big drops, they're buying opportunities if you're a long-term investor. And in the long run, just like coming out of the '87 problem, just like coming out of 2008 and 2009, the market came back and, you know, exceeded the record. So I would counsel patience and calmness, and I think long-term investors should have a look at some buying opportunities here. It's the best I can do. I'm not a sage and I don't have a perfect crystal ball on this thing, but that's my take."

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