Jim Jordan: ‘There Should Be Real Penalties’ for FBI Lying to the FISA Court

‘If you try to undermine the rights of American citizens and lying to the court there should be real consequences for those actions’


JORDAN: “We also need penalties. Frankly, if you go to the FISA court and you mislead the court, you shouldn’t just get transferred to some field office and get the same pay. There should be real penalties. If you are trying to undermine the rights of fellow American citizens and you're lying to the court to do that, there should be real consequences for those actions. So those are the kind of reforms that make sense, that the American people know needs to happen. Never forget what former White House attorney Emmett Flood said. This was shortly after the Mueller report became public, he said, 'If they can do it to a president, imagine what they can do to you and I.' And that’s the bottom line. This is about protecting the interests and rights and privileges that American citizens enjoy under our Constitution. That’s what’s really at stake here."

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