Byron York on Bloomberg: If You Look at the Dems Who’ve Been Elected, They Didn’t Get Elected by Promising Good Management

‘They tried to inspire voters to support them in large numbers’


YORK: "You know, that was an unusual thing that he was saying during your questioning with him. He seems to be fine with the idea of there being a lot of wheeling and dealing, those were words he used, at the convention, in case no one gets a majority of 1,991 delegates. It was really striking. He seems to be almost planning for this. But, you know, you have a very hard time, not just the Democratic Party, same with the Republican Party, taking the nomination away from the person who got the most votes. We don’t know who that will be when that happens. One other thing that was striking about this Bloomberg town hall with you and Bret is that he started it off, as he often does, saying the presidency is a managerial job and he’s the guy who could manage it the best. If you look at the Democrats who have been elected in the last 40 years, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, they did not get elected by promising good management. They tried to inspire voters to support them in large numbers. It’s really unclear where a kind of 'I can dot the Is and cross the Ts' management appeal will actually inspire those voters across the country."

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