Pompeo: Trump ‘Has a Clear Record on Keeping America Safe’

‘President has a clear record and keeping America safe’


POMPEO: “These were hard-fought negotiations. The Taliban expressed interest in having these negotiations when President Trump gave the Department of Defense the authority to really go after them in serious ways and it took us this long. We now have a timeline, this timeline extends past the election and its conditions-based. We have to get it right, Bret. We have an obligation to get this right for the American people. We've got to keep America safe from attacks in Afghanistan, we have to get the footprint right so we have the resources and capability and skills to do what President Trump is committed to. We took down al-Baghdadi, we took down Qassem Soleimani, we took down Hamza bin Laden. This president has a clear record and keeping America safe and is determined to continue to do that everywhere, including Afghanistan."

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