Jackie Kucinich: Biden ‘Is Going to Continue to Lose Support if He Doesn’t Start Winning’

‘You can project the confidence all you want, but the results matter in this case’

KUCINICH: “Bernie Sanders, who's been doing a lot of work in South Carolina with the African-American community, siphoned away those voters as Biden starts to fall. It is his firewall, and that's what he keeps — that is the school of thought in the campaign, but you can only say you're going to win so many times, and to your point, you lose. When people start, you can project confidence all you want, but the results do matter in this case. And when your voters want to pick a winner and they want to beat Donald Trump, which is what all Democratic voters pretty much are going to tell you right now, he is going to continue to lose support if he doesn’t start winning.”

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