The Intercept’s Mehdi Hasan: ‘Biden Is in Kind of Free-Fall Right Now’

‘And several of us warned of this, and we said, there is only way for him which is down when he is nominated’

HASAN: “The former Vice President of the United States, front-runner for much of the last year, but it was false, he's not leading in Florida, Michael Bloomberg is leading in Florida, according to a poll today, and Bernie is beating him in Texas for the first time today, and in Nevada according to polls out today. So Biden is in kind of free-fall right now. Some of us warned that this would happen, I remember coming on this show with you, Jake, about a year ago, and said, there is only way for him, it's down, from when he's nominated. Turns out that to be the front-runner, you actually have to win some races, and he's run for president three times and he's yet to win a primary.”

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