Chris Wallace on Democratic Party Opposition to Bernie: ‘I’m Not Sure They Can Stop Him’

‘If he gets the most votes in Nevada, he’s the frontrunner for the nomination’


WALLACE: "Well, I’m not sure they can stop him. And again, remember, this all comes against the backdrop of 2016 and all the complaints that Bernie Sanders made after, and a lot of rules changes. For instance, diminishing the role of the super delegates that were made in response to the — excuse me — complaints from Bernie Sanders. So let’s say for the sake of argument and it's kind of an interesting experiment that you can argue he got the most votes in Iowa, he got the most votes in New Hampshire. If he gets the most votes in Nevada, he’s absolutely the front-runner for the nomination. And he’s also got a clear lane on the left because Elizabeth Warren seems in such trouble, while that more moderate lane is all clogged up. You got the Buttigieg caravan, and you got the Klobuchar caravan, you got Joe Biden hanging on, and Super Tuesday, you got Michael Bloomberg. So you can see them all cutting up that voting block while Bernie Sanders is winning on the other side.”

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