Tom Steyer on Being Endorsed by Lawmakers on His Payroll: ‘We’re Not Paying for Endorsements’

‘We’ve been getting a lot of support from people around the country’


STEYER: “We’re not paying for endorsements. What is true is that sometimes people in political act as senior advisers to the campaign, do outreach, run programs for us, and get paid for it. But in fact what’s been going on is we’ve been getting a lot of support from people around the country, particularly in black and brown communities, who see my campaign as directly responding to issues in their communities. So you know, I -- we have dealt in every single instance with complete integrity, and we will continue to. But in fact you know what we’ve seen is a campaign which is appealing directly to those communities, which is getting support from people in those communities, and I think that’s a big reason that I’m doing well in Nevada and South Carolina and why I think I’ll continue to.”

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