Andy McCabe Appears Emotional After Hearing He Won’t Be Criminally Prosecuted

‘It’s a relief I’m not sure I can really explain to you adequately’


KEILAR: "The Department of Justice is dropping an investigation into a frequent target of President Trump's former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe who I am currently going to be joined by. And just give us a sense of the reaction of hearing this news."
MCCABE: “Honestly, Brianna, I don’t know if I can give you a sense of it. It is -- to -- to have this horrific black cloud that’s been hanging over me and my family for almost the last two years, to have that finally lifted is just an unbelievable — it’s a relief that I -- I’m not sure I can really explain to you adequately -- it’s -- it's just a very emotional moment for -- for my whole family."

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