Vice President Pence: The USMCA ‘Is an Unambiguous Win for American Workers’

‘We all know the impact that NAFTA had’


PENCE: “I watched him in these negotiations, and I got to tell you, he drove a hard bargain. This President rolled his sleeves up, he dug in, and we have a deal in the USMCA that is an unambiguous win for American workers, American manufacturing, and American agriculture. And we are grateful to each and every one of you for helping to bring it about. (Applause) I mean, the truth is, under this President’s leadership, we’ve already seen, thanks to companies like all of yours, 12,000 new factories built in this country. We think the USMCA — thanks to your strong support and the support of millions of Americans — is going to create another 600,000 new jobs, including, we think, at least 50,000 manufacturing jobs right out of the gate. It really is remarkable to think.”

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