Sanders Campaign Co-Chair: Bloomberg Wouldn’t Be Apologizing But for the Fact that He’s Running

‘When folks are in power, look at what they do with that power’


TURNER: “And to the black community in particular, when folks are in power, look at what they do with that power. This person would bot be apologizing but for the fact that he's running for president of the United States of American. He is a billionaire and he don't give a fill-in-the-blank about the working-class people of this nation. You're not going to hear no black and brown folks like that. Redlining. He out there quoted saying we don't arrest white folks enough — we arrest white folks too much and minorities not enough. Do you want that person to be the next president of the United States of America? Oh not, we're not going to take that. We're not for sale. And so to all of us, the rainbow mosaic of humanity, but especially to my community, anybody that is in power that would use that power to push that kind of bigotry and to expose that you believe that black folks are somehow more criminal than anybody else, and you got your police department out on the hunt, knowing how much hell my community has caught during the history of this country, which is rooted in racism and bigotry, something is wrong with you."

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