CNN’s King on N.H. Primary: Dems Are Angry at Trump But They’re All over the Place

‘Liberals at Buttigieg events, moderates at others’


KING: “One of the challenges for Senator Sanders this time, he is a known face, he's expected to win because it's next door, because he won there last time, what does he do with margins. You see the small Klobuchar townships up here, that's the midnight vote. You see these other votes coming in. This is Dover. Very early on. Sanders with 40 percent, 41 percent, to 20 percent. If you go back in time and look at it, again, this was a blowout in the two-candidate race. Dana was talking about this earlier, go to a rally in New Hampshire with these voters, especially late in the campaign, they’re anguished. They agree they want to beat Trump, but they were all over the place. You had liberals at Buttigieg events, you had more moderates at other events. And they were trying to figure this out. The more crowded race and the early results, we are seeing it play out. Tough choice for New Hampshire Democrats. Early results play that out."

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