Symone Sanders: ‘On Every Single Front When We Talk About Electability Joe Biden Is the Answer’

‘The reality is electability is not about who can win Iowa or New Hampshire’


SANDERS: "You know, I think we have had that Joe Biden shine through. I think you saw it all throughout this weekend as he's campaigning. You saw it last night when he and Dr. Biden stopped in Manchester at a bar and he chatted with all the people there. You saw it when he brought donuts to firefighters in New Hampshire last night and just checked out what they were doing on their shift, encouraging them to make sure they get out to vote but also thanking them for their service and what they’re doing. I think we see that Joe Biden all the time. He is the greatest retail politician in America. But I think what Karen — I know her well, what she was talking about is our campaign’s claims of electability. Let me tell you a little bit about those claims. The reality is electability is not about who can win Iowa or New Hampshire. Electability is about who can bring together the broad and diverse coalition of this party. Electability is about who can win in places like Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Electability is about who these front line members who won in Trump districts want at the top of the ticket to help them. And on every single front, when we talk about electability, Joe Biden is the answer."

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