Newt Gingrich: Obama Is Behaving Like a ‘Dictator’

‘Saturday Night Live will not be able to do justice to this’

GINGRICH: "Oh, first of all I think 'Saturday Night Live' will not be able to do justice to this. This is an absurdity. This is the president of the United States behaving as though he's a dictator saying in affect he's going to waive the law, not ask the congress to change the law. He’s just going to announce, ‘All of you insurance companies trust me. Now I was wrong about the website, and I was wrong about you losing your plans. But this time, trust me, we won't prosecute if you break the law.’”
ANCHOR: "You don't think he has the executive authority to do this?”
GINGRICH: “I think the idea you're going to establish a nationwide policy based on nonprosecution while you ask people to break the law guarantees so many lawsuits. Every trial lawyer in the country's going to be watching this.”

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