Stewart to Forgetful Wolf Blitzer: I am Worried About You

‘Ferguson was just a few months ago and you were talking about it’

STEWART: “Just once again the combination of an economically struggling inner city, and a police force charged with keeping its citizens out of everyone else’s view has combusted, like Watson, Detroit in the 60s, Georgia in the 70s, Miami in the 80s, L.A. and St. Petersberg in the 90s, the cyclical eruptions appear like tragedy cicadas. Depressing, in their similarity, predictability and intractability, or to put that another way”
BLITZER [video]: “Hard to believe. This is going on in a major American city right now, this is a scene that a lot of us never anticipated seeing in a city like Baltimore... hard to believe this is going on as I keep saying in a major American city. I don’t remember seeing anything like this in the United States of America in a long time.”
STEWART: “Elvis leading a herd of Orthodox Jewish unicorns through a city street, that would be hard to believe. This (bleep), this (bleep) happens all the time. Ferguson was just a few months ago and you were talking about it. “
BLITZER [video]: “It is hard for me to believe that in this day and age, 2014, so many years after Dr. Martin Luther King, the civil rights movement, we are seeing National Guard troops on the street to prevent this kind of violence in this day and age, something I didn’t think we would be seeing again.”
STEWART: “I am worried about you. Do I need to get Sandler to go over to your house and — just (bleep) run by you every morning.” 

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