Fallon on John Bolton’s Book: Two Things Trump Hates — Disloyalty and Reading

‘It would be the ultimate irony if Trump gets taken down by the KFC Colonel’


FALLON: “That’s right, we found out that former National Security adviser John Bolton’s new book has a first-hand account of Trump personally freezing aid for Ukraine to get dirt on the Bidens and you can tell Trump was caught off guard by Bolton today he was like, “All I did was fire you, give you a mean nickname and insult the job you did, and this is the thanks I get? Hang on. Can we see John Bolton wow. It would be the ultimate irony if Trump gets taken down by the KFC Colonel. “After all I did for you.” That’s right, it’s pretty wild Bolton used to work for Trump, and now his book could bring him down today, Trump was faced with the two things he hates the most, disloyalty and reading.”

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