CNN’s Lemon on Soleimani Killing: It’s Trump’s MO To Create a Crisis, Claim He Solved It, and Declare Victory

‘He created this problem that brought us to the brink of war’


LEMON: “And max. Max didn’t talk that much. This is the piece you write. When it looked like we might be headed for World War 3, we found a way for Iran to save face and Trump to turn his inconsistency into victory. Isn’t that the president’s entire Mo. Create a crisis and claim you solved it and declare victory?”

LEWIS: “It seems like it. What happened we had a situation where Iran and Donald Trump were able to save face. Iran was able to say they responded forcefully to the killing of soleimani. Trump was able to say they didn’t kill any Americans. What if they had right? Who knows where we might be tonight. Both were able to save face and Trump was able to declare victory and looks like this hero. Of course he created in my opinion he created this problem that brought us to the brink of war. That could have escalated very seriously.”


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