Greg Gutfeld on Iran Crisis: Don’t Blame Trump for ‘Killing Scum Who Like Killing Us’

‘If Trump’s an assassin, what does that make Obama?’


GUTFELD: "But if Trump's an assassin, what does that make Obama? Or any president who takes out a threat? Basically, it's just something new to call Trump. The fact is, we kill bad guys all the time. Problem is, they just make more and that sucks. But you can't blame Trump, he didn't put us there. And don't blame him for killing scum who like killing us, it's not a good look. Taking the side of the thugs with American blood on their hands, leave that to Colin Kaepernick, he needs the work. Now, the media's new take is what's going to happen next? They're predicting bad things which, oddly, have actually already happened. Dead contractors, cyber attacks, attacks on ships and embassies and soldiers. If killing Soleimani makes the world worse than that, I'd like to know how letting him live would have made it better. Anyone?”

(via Twitter)

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