Fox’s Chaffetz: Is the IRS Giving Hunter Biden Preferential Treatment?

‘Hunter Biden is claiming that he had no income’


CHAFFETZ: “Brett, I want to go to you because if you look at actually this tweet, we’re going to put up the street was put out by “The New York Post.” This is a home that allegedly Hunter Biden purchased. It’s north of $2 million and he’s got some pretty swanky neighbors. I think we have an affect, Christina Aguilera, Halle berry. Those are the neighbors. To give you a sense of the neighborhood here in Hollywood, at the same time, Hunter Biden is claiming that he had no income. He has this woman in Arkansas was filed these complaints saying we need some money to help take care of a child of which he’s not contested, help sort it out for us. What is going on with Hunter Biden and the money the IRS was looking at.”

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