Fox News: California Gov. Newsom ‘1/3rd Housing Vouchers Unused’ but Demands 50,000 Housing Vouchers from Federal Government

‘Governor Newsom says the state is doing more than ever to tackle chronic homelessness’


COLEMAN: “President Trump not holding back today on the state’s chronic homelessness crisis. He slammed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Twitter saying he’s lost control of his district. Governor Gavin Newsom has done a really bad job at taking care of the homeless population in California. If he can’t fix the problem, the federal government will get involved. However Trump didn’t say how the feds could intervene. This morning comes after the recent Department of Housing and Urban Development report. That’s a 2% rise in homelessness which was caused by a 13.4%, and that’s an increase of about 21,300 homeless people in the state alone.” 

(h/t FrontPageIndex)

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