VP Pence: We Didn’t Need a Magic Wand, We Just Needed President Trump in the W.H.

‘In three years businesses have created 500,000 manufacturing jobs’


PENCE: "I mean, what a difference, what a difference three years makes. I mean, the last president in the Oval Office saw our country lose 200,000 manufacturing jobs. You know, Laurie just mentioned, I come from just south of here in state of Indiana. It's a state just like here where we do two things particularly well: You make things and you grow things, right? And I remember, I was governor of the state of Indiana at the time, we actually had a president in the Oval Office who was basically saying that manufacturing was never coming back, that we'd lost 200,000 jobs. Remember what he said in the summer of 2016? The last president actually said, when he was asked how you're going to bring back manufacturing jobs, he said, 'What magic wand do you have?' Well, we didn't need a magic wand, we just needed President Donald Trump in the White House.”

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