FNC’s Ingraham: The Trump Movement Has Moved to U.K. as Anti-Brexit Labour Party Loses in Election

‘Another event that shows the enduring power of the movement Donald Trump created’


INGRAHAM: “By going Delman before we begin this analysis of this farce of impeachment — I’m Coughing because I can’t believe it’s still going on in Capitol Hill. It’s going until four in the morning, another event that shows the enduring power of the movement Donald Trump created. Economic nationalism. Sovereignty. Independence from international bureaucracies. And controlling one’s destiny. That movement is sweeping through the U.K. Tonight. Where the anti-brexit label party is resounding defeat in polymer in every election is making the u.k.’s exit from the E.U. A certainty. Just like the ones in our own countries, the elites in Britain know they’ll make believe know better than the other is for the globalist work for three and a half years trying to turn public opinion against Brexit.“

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