Dem Rep. Plaskett on Impeachment: I Am Trying to Put Patriotism over Partisanship

‘I’m hoping people will look at this with an open mind’


PLASKETT: "Well, I’m hoping that people will look at this with an open mind and that we will view our patriotism over our personalities. Or even our partisanship. And that’s where I try to be in this. Is not someone who immediately — listen, I didn’t want him to be president. He is president. We respect the office and let’s move from there and see how we can work with this individual. Unfortunately, based upon not just what the whistleblower said, but the corroborating evidence, whether it’s firsthand or secondhand information, corroborating evidence of dates and times that you said from The Washington Post and others. It appears that there was, in fact, an abuse of power."

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