Jeffrey Toobin: Trump Releasing Ukraine Aid After Whistleblower Briefing Shows ‘He Got Caught’

‘The only reason [Trump] released the aid is he got caught in this whole scheme’


TOOBIN: “Why this matters is that one of the president's supporters' arguments has been there was no harm here. He -- he gave the -- he released the aid and President Zelensky of Ukraine never opened an investigation. So what's the big deal? The big deal is that the only reason he released the aid is he got caught in this whole scheme. He got caught doing it by the whistleblower. He knew the story was going to blow up. So that's why he released the aid. That's why he made his peculiar statement to Ambassador Sondland saying there was no quid pro quo. You know, my experience with the president's language is he usually speaks English, not Latin. And he actually -- and his use of that language was to preempt the criticism he knew was coming."

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