NBC: ‘Is this Race for the Democratic Nomination Essentially Over?’

‘Honestly, it probably is’

HILL-YOUNT: "If we countdown here waiting for that official announcement, President Obama all but officially endorsing Hillary Clinton this weekend. Is this race for the democratic nomination essentially over once the announcement comes before it even began?"
TODD: "Honestly, it probably is. You have to assume that this early out. anything can happen, use every one of those cliches that you want. But the fact of the matter is unless Elizabeth Warren or Joe Biden gets in the race, there really isn't a threat to her other than herself. I think her main opponent is herself in this. If this announcement tour is kind of like a book tour, then I think in a month you'll see a whole bunch of democratic hand-wringing. You're going to see some people looking at the former mayor of Maryland Martin  O'Malley and some others and say, He,  maybe Joe Biden should get in; maybe others should get in, and maybe we should look at him. So, I think it really depends on how she performs. The toughest primary opponent she has is herself."
HILL-YOUNT: "In terms of the role of the former President Clinton, this has been hashed down a lot. Of course, it didn't always work to their advantage the last time around. How much wrangling will there be and can there be of former President Clinton?"
TODD: "If they're trying to organize the campaign much differently -- literally, there were two camps inside the Clinton campaign in 2008. You had people around former president Clinton and you had Hillary Clinton's people. This time they've got someone like John Podesta, former chief of staff to Bill Clinton, senior advisor to President Obama. His job is to sort of corral the old Bill Clinton crowd and the former president himself, keep them in the loop. because he was actually kept out of the loop sometimes of campaign decisions. I think that's one way they think they can sort of corral that."

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