Malcolm Nance on Trump’s Ukraine Call: ‘This Is an Unprecedented Violation of National Security’

‘Donald Trump was running a secret dirty tricks team’


NANCE: “Let me further what Naveed was saying there and W Mr. Pfeiffer said. This is not only usual, this is an unprecedented violation of national security. And here’s why. Donald Trump was running a secret dirty tricks team whose sole function was to go to Ukraine and get information so that he could cheat in the 2020 election. That’s what this is all about, his attempted cheating to win the 2020 election by subverting his opponent. But before he finished that phone call with sondland, you can be dang sure that Russian intelligence was already sending transcripts up to the office of Vladimir Putin through their special communications information service, their NSA. We’ve seen examples of where Russia and Ukrainian assets within that country that are subordinate to Russia and who are assisting them have intercepted U.S. Diplomats like Victoria Nuland, and have put that out as blackmail information, as kompromat, or to embarrass the United States.”

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