Sen. Hirono: Americans Should ‘Believe in Climate Change as Though It’s Religion’

‘Believe in climate change as though it’s religion and not a science’

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Even as she acknowledged its not a religion, Sen. Mazi Hirono (D-Hawaii.) encouraged Americans Tuesday to embrace climate change “as though it’s religion.”

Hirono was speaking to a group of DACA activists at a Center for American Progress organized prayer breakfast. The gathering preceded the group marching to the Supreme Court, where the high court is hearing arguments on President Trump’s effort to end Deferred Action Against Childhood Arrivals (or, DACA). 

Listing action items for the gathered immigration activists, Sen. Hirono included climate change

Sen. Hirono said: “And the third [thing to do] is, leaving our comfort zone. And for a lot of us, protesting, marching, that’s not something that we normally do, but, you know what? These are times that call for us to do those things that we believe in and to march.”

“And not just to march,” she continued, “because that’s important to show solidarity, but then to do those things, such as voter registration, get people to — out to vote so that we can have people here who truly are committed to human rights and environmental rights, climate change, believe in climate change as though it’s a religion (it’s not it’s a science), and all the things that remains to be done and there’s a lot.”

“This is a very divided country,” she said, “these are not normal times.”

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