Flashback: Joe Biden Attacks John McCain for Not Wanting to Utilize ‘Clean Coal’

‘John McCain does not believe that clean coal is part of our future’


BIDEN: "Ladies and gentlemen, John McCain does not believe that clean coal is part of our future. Don't take my word for it, take his word for it. Here's what he said. 'In a perfect world, we'd like to transition away from coal entirely.' Now, that does not sound like a guy who's attacking us, saying we're not for clean coal. And now, and now, to reinforce that, look at his plans. Look at where he wants to invest. The oil companies are already getting $30 billion tax cut over the next ten years, and what does John McCain want to do, and Sarah Palin? He wants to give them an extra $4 billion a year in additional tax cuts. So John, if you're listening, stop this malarkey about who's for clean coal. Ladies and gentlemen, make no mistake about it. The oil companies have placed their bets on Saran Palin and John McCain, not on Barack Obama and Joe Biden. That's why Appalachia can't afford to go with McCain and must go with Obama.”

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