Hannity Defends Trump Ukraine Call: ‘Do Us a Favor’ Is Just One of His ‘Go-To Phrases’

‘The president uses them all the time’


HANNITY: “The president said, I would like you to do us a favor. Okay. That’s a statement paired okay, there were no strings attached. Zero quid pro quo. Doesn’t exist. During the call, the government of Ukraine had no idea the U.S. Had temporarily delayed aid. They still got the aid. Plus, the aide was never attached to anything. Nothing. And that’s clear in the transcripts. Especially related to sleepy creepy crazy uncle Joe. Especially related to the 2020 election. And let’s be clear, do us a favor. Well, we all have go to phrases. You know, I say, you know, a lot. The president uses them all the time. The verbal aside. I completed my point. Take a look.”

(Via Mediaite)

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