Pompeo Warns Turkey: Trump ‘Fully Prepared’ to Take Military Action over Syria

‘We did it and the world should know that we will continue to do that’


POMPEO: “Look, I never get out in front of the President’s decision about whether to take the awesome undertaking of using America’s military might to protection American interests, but the world should know. We’ve done it before, we took strikes into Syria when chemical weapons were used, we did it to uphold the fundamental norm that chemical weapons can’t be used. The previous Administration refused to enforce this basic, decent human rights norm, we did it. And the world should know that we will continue to do that. Where we see American interests at stake or fundamental norms around the world that need to be enforced, we’ll use all the powers that we have. You suggested the econimic powers that we’ve used, we’ll certainly use them. We'll use our diplomatic powers as well. Those are our preference. We prefer peace to war, but in the event that kinetic action or military action is needed, you should know that President Trump is fully prepared to undertake that action.”

(Via Breitbart)

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