Trump: Rolling Stone ‘Bunch of Liars,’ ‘Hope Someone Sues & Puts Them out of Business’

The reporter is declining to apologize to the fraternity

KOOIMAN: "We got to get your take on this as well. Is it too little too late as Rolling Stone has officially retracted its report on UVA and that rape hoax and the reporter has apologized after Columbia issues a review But guess what? No one is being fired and the reporter behind the story is not apologizing to the fraternity members. You remember that there were seven fraternity members or five [indecipherable] at UVA that allegedly raped this woman. And it turns out her story had holes all throughout it and it's false. Here is what the reporter is saying. I want to get your thoughts. 'I want to offer my deepest apologies to Rolling Stone's readers, to my Rolling Stone's editors and colleagues, to the UVA community, and to any victims of sexual assault who may feel fearful as a result of my article.' Missing there is apologizing specifically to the fraternity and the fraternity across the country and really Greek life as a whole, Donald, because they got a bad name because of this."
TRUMP: "I'll tell you what, I have some personal experience with the Rolling Stone. They wrote an article about me quite a while ago and it was so false and it was so --; I mean, I've had a lot of phony articles written to be honest, but it was so false that they were quoting me, they were saying things that I never said at all. In fact, I read it and I said, 'I never said any of this stuff.' It was such a lie and so incredible. And I remember to this day they are a bunch of liars. Now, I hope somebody sues them. They're financially weak. They're not very strong magazine at all. I hope somebody sues them, a really  good lawyer and puts them out of business because they really do lie and I have personal experience about it. Now, many reporters lie, then you have great reporters like yourselves that do a fantastic job, right? But you have so much crooked reporting, but Rolling Stone was a great case and they got caught with their hand in the cookie jar. [crosstalk] Whoever it is that was wrong, has to get some great lawyers and just go after them for the next few years. You're going to become rich and they're going to go out of business. And both of those things would be great."

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