Chris Hayes Questions Kamala Harris on Push for Trump Twitter Ban: Any Concerns About Precedent That Sets?

Harris: ‘Free speech does not condone or protect threats to the safety of other human beings’


HAYES: "You’ve had an exchange with Senator Warren about Twitter and about Trump violating the terms of service. Why does that matter? Of all the things, why that?"
HARRIS: "Ask the whistleblower. Ask members of the United States Congress. Ask the people who are prepared to testify about this president’s lawlessness and obstruction of justice. Ask the people and the families in El Paso, when that shooter admitted in his manifesto that he was influenced by Donald Trump’s tweets. Donald Trump has 65 million followers on Twitter, and we have to take seriously that the weaponization of this platform by the president and the need therefore of a private corporation to be held accountable, to say he has abused the terms. And it could result literally in the threat to safety of human beings who are participating in the process of justice."

(h/t Mediaite)

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