Heritage’s Riley Walters: U.S. Is Trying to Address ‘China’s Unfair Trade Practices’

‘There’s a lot of macroeconomic problems they’re dealing with right now as well’


SIMONETTI: "Are you surprised at all that China has taken it this far? I mean, you look at the data coming out of Beijing, the latest this morning, factory deflation because of weak demand, consumer prices soaring because of a lack of pork. Pork prices up almost 70 percent. And then Hong Kong -- are you surprised that President Xi is playing ball the way he is?"
WALTERS: "Not at all. Obviously, China, they’re going to try and be as tough as they can. Obviously the way that they kind of sell this, it’s foreign coercion, right, it’s the United States being unfair even though it is China’s unfair trade practices that we’re trying to address. So it’s not a big surprise. And of course we have to take this week’s economic data out of China with a grain of salt. There’s a lot of macroeconomic problems that they’re dealing with right now as well."

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