CNN’s Keilar to Biden Spox: ‘We’ve Looked’ and Trump Claims About Joe and Hunter Biden Are ‘Unsubstantiated’

‘So President Trump wanted dirt on Joe and Hunter Biden’


KEILAR: "So the president, President Trump wanted dirt on Joe and Hunter Biden. Trump's claims about wrongdoing here are unsubstantiated. We have looked, lots of outlets have looked, but it doesn't smell great to have had the then VP's son on a board of a company in a n industry that he really didn't know much about and it gives this appearance of trading on his name. This is also a vulnerability to a much greater degree for the president’s own children, and yet your campaign is really steering clear of that line of attack. Why?"
BEDINGFIELD: "Well, look, as you said, every outlet in the world has looked into this and has come back and said there was no there there. You know, we’re not going to play Donald Trump’s game. We’re not going to let him distract from the corruption in his own administration.” 

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