‘Free Beacon’ Montage: ‘The Capitulationist: Obama’s Diplomatic Surrender to Iran’

In 2009, Obama warned ‘Iran is on notice’ and would have to ‘come clean’ by that October

The Capitulationist: Obama’s Diplomatic Surrender to Iran (The Washington Free Beacon)

In numerous areas of the proposed Iranian nuclear deal, the high bars President Obama said the Islamic Republic needed to clear have disappeared.

Look at his G20 speech in September 2009, when Obama said Iran would have to “come clean” on its nuclear secrets. Now, as the Wall Street Journal‘s Bret Stephens writes, the White House is letting that parameter go:

“Under the new plan,” The Wall Street Journal’s Jay Solomon and Laurence Norman reported last week, “Tehran wouldn’t be expected to immediately clarify all the outstanding questions raised by the IAEA in a 2011 report on Iran’s alleged secretive work. A full reckoning of Iran’s past activities would be demanded in later years as part of a nuclear deal that is expected to last at least 15 years.”

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