Former GOP Congressman Calls Trump ‘Mr. Transparency,’ Gets Shot Down by Fox News Host

‘I don’t know how much transparency we have had so far’


CHAFFETZ: "Well, the whole idea that they were going to catch Donald Trump and they were going to have to go to fight to go to court to get all this, Donald Trump just laid it all out. I mean, he just released the contents of the call. Look at what he did on the Mueller report. He was Mr. Transparency there as well. He waived executive privilege, he waived attorney-client privilege. He's doing the same in this probe."

FRANCIS: "Why are we just hearing about Mike Pompeo being on the call, though?"

CHAFFETZ: "I don’t know that it’s relevant."

FAULKNER: "You don’t think it’s relevant that the Secretary of State was on that call?"

(Via Mediaite)

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