Qanta Ahmed: Trump Admin’s Scrutiny of Middle East Studies Is ‘Not Only Warranted, It’s Essential; It Is Also Not Islamophobic’

‘Long overdue is the examination of American and European Middle East studies programs’


AHMED: “First of all, it’s not only warranted, it’s essential. It is also not Islamophobic, which many people are accusing it of being. Long overdue is the examination of American and European Middle East studies programs, which are not really dealing with the major issues that’s confronting our diplomats, our security officials or the world today. And that is Islamism. American Middle East studies programs do not focus on Islamism. Instead, they are somewhat biased in an Islamophilic way. Now, I’m a Muslim. I know I come from part of a great civilization, history, architecture, all of that is valid. That is not what is challenging Muslim societies today. Dealing with Yazidis still in hostage situations with ISIS, with the rise of the Taliban, with the resurgence of other Islamist groups. That’s what’s most bothering us. But they shy away from looking at that on basis of it somehow biased against Islam.”

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