Ted Cruz on Kavanaugh: ‘It Is Not About Facts, It Is About Crazy Left-Wing Ideology’

‘For Democrats it is all politics’


CRUZ: “Here is the point, the 'New York Times,' they knew what they were doing. This was not accidental although I have to say it was fairly hysterical, watching the reporters on TV blaming the editor. Oh, it is the editor’s fault. If you did this on a high school paper, if you were freshman in high school, and you submitted this story, you'd get an F. It's -- it's like you write a story, accusing someone of murder, and then you have a correction at the end, oh by the way the guy we said murdered still alive doing fine and said nothing happened."
DOOCY: "Yeah."
CRUZ: "I mean, that -- and the reason is they want to intimidate the court."
CRUZ: "And so none of the Democratic 2020 presidentials are going to retract because it's not about facts, it's about crazy left-wing ideology. That's -- that's where 'The Times' is."
CRUZ: "That's where the candidates are. And -- and sadly 'The Times' is now about propaganda."

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