Rush Limbaugh Cops to False Claim that Krystal Ball Posed Nude at 14, Then Calls Her an ‘Infobabe’ for ‘PMSNBC’

‘Slut shaming is an old tactic in American politics, in world politics’


LIMBAUGH: "And we're back. Rush Limbaugh on the cutting edge of societal — so yesterday, I don't even remember why this came up. Obviously, it was a discussion of social media. And I remembered or thought I remembered that a — I asked people if the name Krystal Ball, K-R-Y —  Krystal, a woman, rang a bell, and sent me yeah — she ended up being a host, infobabe, on PMSNBC. And I was of the impression that when she ran for Congress that some nude photos of her from social media had surfaced. Well, it turns out that that wasn't quite true. And this morning she was on a web show put on by I guess she has a show. it's called Rising with Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti. It's Saagar Enjeti. So it's a combo show here. And obviously a my claims about her having posed nude or being photoed nude on social media came up."

(Via Mediaite)

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