Lindsey Graham on Investigation Into Trump-Alabama NOAA Fallout: ‘I Could Give a Crap’

‘This whole thing is a bunch of garbage’


BAIER: "I want to ask you two more questions. One is, there’s an investigation now of Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, if he put his finger on the scale and NOAA scientists in the fallout of the Alabama ordeal we dealt with last week. What’s your thoughts of that?"

GRAHAM: "Not going to give a crap."

BAIER: "Okay. That’s for the record?"

GRAHAM: "Yeah, thank you. Next question. I could care less, this whole thing is a bunch of garbage. The President did have a model where it could hit Alabama if it went through Florida. This is the Trump world. The guy can’t do anything without getting criticized by a bunch of people who just hate his guts and I’m not playing that game."

(Via Mediaite)

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