Trump: Florida Is ‘Doing Really Well’ with Hurricane Prep

‘Tremendous work is going on’


TRUMP: "They're doing really well, they're working hard. Florida seems to be targeted this month, but I think a lot of good things are happening. FEMA is there. Tremendous work is going on. Many, many gas trucks are coming in, they're bringing gas from Louisiana and all over. We don’t know about evacuation. We're leaving it up locally right now. We are going to see where it’s coming in. We just don’t know exactly where it’s going to be coming and how far it’s coming. I’m going to Camp David. We have a lot of experts with us. We have a lot of the FEMA people that are coming up, but we're really, very importantly, coming back. And on Sunday at 12:30, we have a meeting at FEMA headquarters. That will be about the time that we'll know where everything is going. A lot of decisions will be made. That’ll be a little bit less than a day before it hits. So we'll see what happens.”

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