Sean Duffy Announces Resignation from Congress to Care for 9th Child

‘After she is born, whether it’s two to six months after life, she is going to need open heart surgery’


DUFFY: "Yeah. So not long ago we found out that our little baby has a couple holes in the heart. So after she is born, whether it’s two to six months after life, she is going to need open heart surgery. They have to crack her open and fix the heart. They walked us through this yesterday. So I announced I was leaving Congress as I was walking in to meet with the heart doctor about what’s going to happen with the baby. I love politics, but I love my family, and I think it’s always a balance. And when you look at — Brian mentioned before we went to the last break, I mean, the schedules are grueling. I’m out in D.C. four days a week and then I’m back with Rachel. But when I’m back here with Rachel and the kids, I have a big district and you have to travel around and see people and we get beat up a little bit as members of Congress. We are favorite punching bags. But they are really hard on families. And I didn’t die. I kind of felt like I was at my funeral yesterday. But I will figure out different things to do where I can have a better balance where I can support Rachel and the kids. But not with the same schedule that I have as a U.S. Congressman."

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