Van Jones: Illegals Are ‘Increasingly...Caught Between Hate Violence and State Violence’

‘That’s the fear that unites Stephen Miller, an architect of the Trump immigration policy, with the anonymous hatemongers online’


JONES: “That’s his formula. This week we saw signs of potential economic vulnerability. I’m worried the president will decide to double down now on all the inflammatory rhetoric. I’m concerned about what’s happening to la Tina and Latino in the country. Every Dayna chunt face as double threat. On the one hand, the network of white nationalist terrorists growing online, the hate amongers increasingly aiming violence at Spanish speakers with brown skin. On the other hand, la Tina and Latinos face threats from the government with the Trump Administration deporting parents, separating families at the bed. Increasingly a community caught between hate and state violence. You can say daily evidence of the suspected killer who drove ten hours just to get to el Paso, Texas. Authorities said specifically to shoot Mexicans and immigrants. In Gilroy, California, a murder killed three people, injured 139. And the majority Latino community. Authorities haven’t ruled out white nationalism in that case. Meanwhile on the first Kay of school, the United States government rounded up 680 undocument the immigrants in the Mississippi plant, many were parents. So predictably scores of little kids were left stunned and abandoned and traumaticized. We have a specific group in our country facing a specific set of threats based on a specific racially charged rationale. That white people face an invapgs of brown skin people EP who want to replace them. That’s the fear that unites Stephen Miller, an architect of the Trump immigration policy with the aanonymous hate amongers on line. These are avoiding speaking Spanish in public. Seeking escape routes in case they are next.”

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