Tim Ryan on Mandatory Buyback of Assault Weapons: ‘I Don’t Think That’s What We Want To Do’

‘We’re having trouble getting universal background checks passed’


RYAN: "Yeah, I don’t think that’s what we want to do. I don’t think we want to move down the mandatory piece of this. Look, we’re having trouble getting universal background checks passed, closing the Charleston loophole passed, getting money to fund the Centers for Disease Control to really study gun violence as a public health problem in the United States. So I think going that far on some of these issues is really taking the focus off of the issues that they want. I support an assault weapons ban, too. I think these weapons of war have no business on the streets of Dayton or El Paso or any other community. And it’s not just the mass shootings, it’s the gun violence that happens every day in communities that wreck families and ruin communities that we’ve got to deal with. So let’s keep focused on the two bills that are sitting before the United States Senate.”

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