Victor Davis Hanson: None of the 2020 Dem Candidates Call for Stopping ICE Attacks

‘I think they feel illegal immigrants is central to the Progressive movement’


DAVIS HANSON: "I think it’s very dangerous. And notice, Mark, that while most of these candidates on the left weigh in on almost every shooting, we haven’t seen any of them really weigh into any significant degree to stop it. Because they could say my opposition to some of the practices of ICE is not commensurate with trying to destroy ICE offices. Especially they could say that because they told us again and again that rhetoric can incite violence, at least in some cases. But they are not doing that because it’s almost as if they feel these attacks on ICE offices might deter a little bit the purview of ICE and that might spike illegal immigration up a bit. I'm trying to be blunt, but I really do believe they feel illegal immigration has flipped California, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, and is central to the future of the Progressive movement. They're pretty open and candid about that."

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