Candace Owens: Trump’s Polls from Blacks and Hispanics Are up Because They Are Tired of the Left’s Rhetoric

‘We want policy, not rhetoric’


OWENS: “I know what that is and I don’t have to think about it. Because minorities are growing sick of the rhetoric on the left. And every four years being told, oh, my gosh racism is back white supremacy is back. The communities are not getting better. This is the first time we see black Americans and hysteric Americans get off their feet and the media with rhetoric to distract us in pulling apart sound bites of things that Trump said trying to create something he never meant is not going to work this time. I have long called for a black exit from the Democratic Party, and I have seen Latinos wake up in minority groups like Chinese Americans wake up and Jewish Americans wake up. We are done with the left. We want policy, not rhetoric.”

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