Biden: ‘Phrases Like Fake News, Enemy of the People, They’re No Joke, They’re Insidious’

‘They’re corrosive’


BIDEN: “These are the guardrails of our democracy. They’re written into our Constitution. And if you’ve noticed for the last two-plus years, they’ve been under attack. Phrases like fake news, enemy of the people, they’re no joke. They’re insidious. They’re corrosive. Just look around the world. The worst despots are now using Trump's language to Justify their own abuses of power. Trump is trying to weaken our institutions, the press, the courts, the Congress, precisely because they are the only checks on his power. That’s what this is all about. The abuse of power. If there’s one thing I can’t stand, and I know you can’t, is the abuse of power. Whether it’s a boss taking advantage of his or her workers, or a man who raises his hand to a woman or a child, or a president who’s running roughshod over everything this country believes and stands for."

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